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"Unity for the welfare of the nations" 


The philosophy and views that unite the people in our organization are "encoded" in its name and symbolism.

Unity is our highest ideal. Unity of every man with his own primordial, spiritual, divine essence. Unity for harmony, according to natural laws. Unity of every nation with all other nations on this planet. Unity for clean Earth and civilization. Nowadays, all nations seek economic and territorial unity. We seek unification around higher spiritual values. We strive for unity with the common between all religions and spiritual teachings. Therefore, the study and promotion of these values is ​​among the key objectives of the organization. Man does not need a religion that enslaves the soul, but a belief, which brings the Truth. We do not need science that spoils the mind and destroys the world, but knowledge and science that bring power and strength that bring a new life, joy and love in our existence. "Religions, sects, state - these are all diapers, in which the mother covers the baby, but as it grow the diapers fall." said the Master Beinsa Duono popular with the secular name Peter Deunov.

Well-being can be achieved through understanding the causes and the phenomena that grim people's minds and take out the joy in life. Therefore, we, the members of the organization support  various forms of practical activities - projects, international initiatives, creativity presentations and forums etc. We support ideas that can create conditions for Love, Peace, Purity in all forms, decent life in Good and Truth.

Nations can prosper through the path of Unity but only when it is achieved worldwide. Good is conscious and not a mechanical process. True prosperity of a nation occurs when it is built with the conscious intention of the well being of  the neighbors - the other nations of the world. That's why we say "Unity for prosperity and well-being of the nations."